Financial Policies


Kenyon Clinic and Consulting does not bill insurance or submit bills to Medicare. Although the office will generate an insurance-friendly statement, clients will self-pay at the time of service.

The fees may vary depending on the service provided. To allow you to prepare better, the practice will inform you of the expected fee prior to your visit.

It is possible some of your visit costs may be reimbursable directly to you by your health insurance PPO plans; please check with your insurer to understand their coverage and reimbursement policies fully.

Because fees are paid by the patient, not by insurance, patients will have more options:

  • Face-to-face care is the cornerstone of caring medicine, but follow up visits can also be via telephone, email or video conferencing.
  • Patients will have the freedom to schedule as much or as little time as they need with Dr. Kenyon - visit structure will no longer be dictated by a third party clinic or insurance company.
  • Patients can also choose to hire Dr. Kenyon to spend extra time on research, extensive medical records review, communication, or conferences and education on their behalf: Helping them best understand their care and coordinate seamlessly with other caregivers and loved ones.

By charging for her time, both with you and on your behalf, Dr. Kenyon is able to be present with you in the best way possible.

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