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Christi M. Kenyon, M.D. specializes in rheumatology and internal medicine in Seattle. She has a special interest in personalized wellness coaching for individuals with autoimmune and other complex diseases in order to help them achieve their highest health goals. Over 20 years of diverse experience allows Dr. Kenyon to provide expert diagnoses and customized treatment plans to people suffering from complex conditions - from chronic pain and fibromyalgia to various forms of arthritis, lupus and other diseases of the immune system.

An honors graduate of Yale University, Dr. Kenyon chose the University of Washington School of Medicine for her medical school and subspecialty fellowship training. She has served as clinical teaching faculty at the University of Washington Medical Center, and is affiliated with Swedish Medical Center, caring for patients and helping to lead the education of fellow physician leaders in multiple medical groups throughout the community.

Dr. Kenyon takes the time to listen. She will collaborate with you and the caregivers you designate to craft a plan specific to your specific needs and lifestyle. Her care extends from the time she hears your story in the office to health and wellness coaching sessions that help you manage your condition, whether it’s face-to-face or via video conferencing.

Through both conventional medical practice and also through coaching methods which include visualization, goal-setting, and incremental process strategies, Dr. Kenyon helps her patients move forward from a sense of helplessness to a sense of control.  She strives every day to help her patients enjoy the best possible health whether or not they face some chronic diagnosis.

Leveraging her extensive background and expertise, Dr. Kenyon provides the highest-quality care while offering a supportive and compassionate environment in the busy Seattle metropolis.

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