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Christi M. Kenyon, M.D.

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Whether your client is a plaintiff or a defendant in a personal injury or medical malpractice case related to the complex field of rheumatology or internal medicine, the testimony of an experienced expert witness like Dr. Kenyon is absolutely necessary. Christi Kenyon M.D. has been providing unbiased, science-based medical expert opinions and testimony for the legal community in the greater Seattle area for more than a decade.

Legal Medical Expert Q & A

What is a medical expert witness?

A medical expert witness is a physician, surgeon, nurse, or similar licensed practitioner, qualified by reason of skill, knowledge, education, experience, or training to testify on a particular medical area.  He or she is a person who has knowledge about the medical and healthcare profession, beyond that of an average person.

What is the role of a medical expert witness?

A medical expert witness provides the court with in-depth knowledge that juries wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Medical expert witnesses perform a vital role as their expert assessment is required in various aspects of personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

Dr. Kenyon’s analysis and expert testimony can help determine the merits of a case, can be essential as the case progresses through discovery, and is often influential in determining the outcome of the case.   

What are the required qualifications to be an expert witness?

Required qualifications are broken down into two categories: legal and practical.

Legally speaking, expert witnesses must have sufficient, in-depth knowledge of the issue at stake to present useful insight into the evidence provided at court. 

Practically speaking, the qualifications required to be an expert witness are more extensive and demand razor-sharp expertise.

For most legal professionals, looking for the right medical expert witness means looking for:

  • Education: With training at top universities.
  • Clinical Experience: With active clinical practice concerning the conditions in question.
  • Familiarity with Medico-Legal Process: Having experience with testimony, and knowledge about causation and standards of care.
  • Demeanor and Communication Skills: The most effective medical expert witnesses succeed when they demystify complex medical situations with clear and understandable communication to jurors.

Christi M. Kenyon M.D. is an ethical, compassionate clinician with excellent educational credentials and a strong working knowledge of how the legal profession works.   Dr. Kenyon has decades of experience working with patients suffering from autoimmune and musculoskeletal illnesses, meaning that she is the optimal choice for legal professionals seeking expert testimony.  

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