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Chronic medical conditions make it difficult to accomplish even the simplest tasks. Christi M. Kenyon, MD has the expertise, compassion, and experience to help men and women living in the Greater Seattle area get back to their healthiest self through comprehensive wellness coaching. Contact her today to discover your coaching options.

Wellness Coaching Q & A

What is deep wellness?

Your overall wellness combines seven facets of your health:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Intellectual
  • Environmental
  • Occupational
  • Social

Achieving a balance between these seven categories can be extremely difficult, especially if you suffer from a chronic medical condition. Through a compassionate and expert approach to wellness, Dr. Kenyon coaches you to:

  • Understand the health care system
  • Prioritize medical needs
  • Evaluate treatment options
  • Individualize therapeutic plans
  • Develop a personal plan
  • Succeed in the long run

What is a wellness coach?

A wellness coach helps you make positive and lasting changes to your health. Dr. Kenyon guides you through the process of creating an individualized plan for continued health and well-being, in addition to developing productive and efficient habits and mindsets.

She walks you through every step and assists you throughout your wellness process, staying available to answer any questions and provide more insight into the motives behind a given technique.

What can you expect from wellness coaching?

At Dr.Kenyon's clinic, your first visit is always a conversation. Dr. Kenyon provides you with a questionnaire that will be integral in the gathering of crucial personal and medical information.

During your office visit, you and Dr. Kenyon delve into your concerns, symptoms, and questions to identify your goals and how you should reach them.

After reviewing your goals, Dr. Kenyon provides you with a list of suggestions, a diagnosis, and some easy next steps. This may include a series of suggested trials and therapeutic measures.

From there, Dr. Kenyon establishes a long-term plan that includes regular check-ups. She will make sure you are committed to your wellness program, and she has flexible conversation options, like telephone, secure email or video conferencing.

What should you look for in a wellness coach?

A wellness coach should first and foremost be someone you trust both emotionally and medically.

Dr. Kenyon is an expert at diagnosing and treating complex multi-organ system diseases, and she is uniquely qualified to help you manage chronic conditions. She does so both by applying conventional medical procedures and by calling on coaching principles with high success rates.

With a broad network of health care providers in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Kenyon collaborates with your medical team to ensure cohesive and durable wellness.

Contact Dr. Kenyon via phone or online today to learn more about how you can start to forge a better life for yourself.

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